Pellet boiler Atmos D80P
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Pellet boiler Atmos D80P

Pellet boiler Atmos D80P, burner etc

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power output range: 24 - 80 kW

classe: 5

Heat-delivery area: 5,2 m2
Combustion chamber capacity: 180 dm3
Filling opening dimensions: 260x450 mm
Prescribed chimney draught: 25 Pa
Max. working overpressure of water: 250 kPa
Boiler weight: 695 kg
Exhaust orifie diameter: 180 mm
Boiler height: 1663 mm
Boiler width: 684 mm
Boiler depth: 1410 mm
Ingress protection of the electric part: 20 IP
El. power input:

- on startup 635 W
- in operation 142 W
Boiler effiiency 91,2 %
Flue gas temperature at the nominal output (pellets): 150 °C
Weight flw offle gas at the nominal output (pellets): 0,062 kg/s


Prescribed fuel
high quality pellets with a diameter of 6 - 8 mm, length of 5 - 25 mm and calorifi value of16 - 19 MJ/kg-1
(white pellets)

Average consumption of fuel - pellets - at the nominal output: 18,8 kg.h-1
Water volume in the boiler: 185 l
Hydraulic loss of the boiler: 0,25 mbar
Minimum volume of the equalizing tank: 1000 l
Mains voltage: 230/50 V/Hz

The prescribed minimum temperature of return water in operation is 65 °C.
The prescribed operation temperature of the boiler is 80 - 90 °C.




Pellet boiler D80P is standardly supplied with and ash bin same as standard pellet boilers DxxP. For demanding customers we offr extra automatic ash removing system with an extra ash bin volume 68 litres or 135 litres.

For assuring proper installation of boiler with buffer tank the boiler is supplied with 2 water sensors KTF 20 with 5m cable.
Boiler D80P does not allow wood burning.


For these boiler is appropriate pellet burner D80P:
ATMOS A85 24 - 80 kW
- supplied without pellet conveyor

The burner ATMOS A85 is specifed to burn only good quality white pellets made of sof wood without bark diameter 6 - 8 mm, lenght 10 - 25 mm with heating power 16 - 19 The adventage of this burner is automatic ignition pellets by ignition spiral which fires up the pellet when ever is needed.

The burner is standardly supplied with pneumatic air pressure ash cleaning system which regularly aftr burning period cleans the burning chamber of the burner. Due to this system the burning chamber does not need to be checked so often. The customer can check it once per 14 days to 1 month.

Burner A85 contains the same features as smaller burners ATMOS A25 and A45. Th boiler D80P with burner A85 must always be installed with a buffer tank of minimal volume 1000 l. In such system we use program of the burner controlling it in accordance with two temperatures (sensors) on the buffer tank.


Boiler ATMOS D80P operation manual

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