Pellet boiler ATMOS A85 with pneumatic burner cleaner
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Pellet boiler ATMOS A85 with pneumatic burner cleaner

The burner is designed for ATMOS D80P, P80 special boilers. ATMOS burner A85 is equipped with pneumatic cleaning which cleanses the burner’s combustion chamber after every burn out or at regular intervals. Thanks to pneumatic cleaning you can check or clean the burner’s combustion chamber only once in a fortnight or a month.

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Heating with pellets with the use of the ATMOS A85 pellet burner has a lot in common with natural gas or oil heating.

However, there is a difference that burning of pellets produces a certain quantity of ashes that must be removed from the burner and boiler in an interval to avoid impairment of efficiency or affecting the functionality of the burner.

The ATMOS A85 pellet burner is supplied with automatic fuel ignition as standard. The assembly of the burner, external conveyor and fuel bin work completely automatically during operation and is controlled by an electronic control unit with the use of a flame sensor (photocell). In the burner body the fuel and combustion air are supplied in such a way to ensure maximum efficiency and environment-friendliness of fuel burning.

Prescribed fuel: high-quality (white) wooden pellets with the diameter of 6 to 8 mm, length of 5 to 25 mm and calorific value of 16 - 19
Nominal heat input of the burner:  89 kW
Minimum heat input of the burner: 27 kW
Maximum heating surface of the boiler that the burner may be installed in: 5 m2
Fuel bin: not part of the delivery - recomended volume 1000 l
Fuel feeding: with an external worm conveyor type DRA50 - not part of the delivery
Burner control: with an AC07X electronic control unit that controls the operation of the external conveyor, two ignition spirals and the fan in accordance with requirements of the boiler and the heating system. The electronic system is protected with the safety thermostat of the boiler, safety thermostat at the pellet supply to the burner, the fan speed transducer and the flame sensing photocell.
The operation of the burner is indicated on the electronic control display.
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Maximum power input at the start with one ignition element: 490 W - normal setting
Maximum power input at the start with two ignition elements: 1052 W - special functions
Average power input at the nominal heat input operation: 72 W
Average power input at the minimum heat input operation: 43 W
Average heat input in the standby mode: 3.3 W
Prescribed fuse protection of the burner with the boiler: 6.3 A
Acoustic pressure level (noisiness): 59 dB
Burner weight: 46 kg
Burner dimensions, WxHxD: 37 x 59 x 89 cm
Minimum dimensions of the combustion chamber: diameter / width = 400 mm, length / depth = 400 mm
Minimum ashpan space of the boiler: must correspond to operation at the nominal output for at
least one week. (min. 6 l)
Minimum vacuum in the combustion chamber of the boiler: 2 Pa
Min. protection against inadvertent opening of the boiler chamber (door): with a safety screw

Operation and Maintenance Manual
Manual for pellet burners A85 manufactured since 2019

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