Pellet burner PV20a, Pelltech
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Pellet burner PV20a, Pelltech

Fully automatic pellet burner PV20a is userfriendly, liable and comfortable pellet burner. Cerbos OÜ is Pelltech burners distributor in Estonia. To find Your nearest agent please see Pelltech contacts here >>

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Viadrus boiler U 22 and pellet burner PV 20a Pelltech >>

Pellet burner burning quality
- Single-point ignition: less power is needed for ignition, less fumes, ignition is faster.
- Dosing with internal auger insures unvaried fuel transportation into the burningchamber and thereof also equable burning.  
- Air distribution: in all power levels, primary and secundary air are obtimally distributed
- More precise air control comes from the fan speeds control.
- Intelligent leading: the burner chooses itself a suitable output power level according to need of warmness
- Using a hot burning chamber insures absolute burning, small emmissions and high efficiency

Pellet burner safety
Protection against back-burning:
- Safety thermostat
- Periodic work of internal auger in standby mode
- Melting hose
- Backup battery insures that in case of power interruption the burner cleans up to avoid backburning  
- In case of no draught or burner blockage the burner turns itself off
- Error output relay: switches on/off  any external device in case of burner error.

Pellet burner  user friendlyness
- Interface: the burner gives clear information about the instant activity and shows tooling  parameters on the screen  
- Compatibility with oil boilers: the burners are compatible with oil boilers by mounting and by electric connection
- Fuel level control: because of the dosing internal fuel amount it is
Pelletipõleti Pelltech ühendusnot necessary to measure the productivity of external auger or to fill the auger
manually after the burner runs out of fuel  
- It is possible to add temperature sensor of boiler.
- Installed burner takes less space and it is easy to open the boiler door.


Capacity: 10 – 20 kW
Power levels: 6
Fuel: wood pellets 6-8 mm
Ignition: electrical 500W
Power: 230V, 3A
Average power consumption: 25-40W
Power consumption on
standby mode: 3 W
Ash removal: Manual
Noise level: 58 dB
Lambda - λ: 1,3 - 1,6
CO: < 100 ppm
Lenght: 540 mm
Width: 220 mm
Hight: 240 mm
Weight: 11,5 kg


PELLTECH PV 20a/30a pellet burner user manual

PELLTECH PV 20a/30a Пеллетная горелкa. Инструкция по эксплуатации (RUS) 

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