Pellet burner Atmos A25, 5-30 kW
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Pellet burner Atmos A25, 5-30 kW

Pellet burner Atmos A25, 5-30 kW. The ATMOS A25 burner is designed for burning quality white pellets made of soft bark-less wood with a diameter of 6 to 8 mm, length of 10 to 25 mm and the calorific value of 17 to 19 MJ/kg.

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Automatic fuel ignition by means of a glowing filament which ignites the pellets whenever heating-up is required, is an advantage of Atmos burners. Thus, the burner and the boiler work at full power with maximum efficiency and the best combustion quality. Unlike a number of competition products that do not have any ignition device and must maintain a glowing layer in the combustion space. Thus, they are operated at low power when the temperature of combustion gases drops below 100°C. Therefore, tar and acids are generated in the combustion space which reduces the service life of the boiler, lowers efficiency, increases fuel consumption, decreases combustion quality, and further fouls the boiler which requires more frequent cleaning.


Atmos burner Standard Boiler Build-In Benefits

  • A simple and affordable solution
  • Comfort possibility of burning large pieces of wood or pellets without manual stoking
  • Easy wood, briquettes, or coal stoking with no smoke removed by an exhaust fan = a clean boiler room
  • Large (500 and 1,000 liter) pellets hopper (boiler room section) = refueling once in 7 and 14 days (once a year)
  • Comfortable and dust-free ash removal with an exhaust fan once in 14 up to 30 days
  • Automatic ignition of pellets with the ignition filament already built-in the burner
  • High efficiency (83 up to 91%) by fuel and boiler type = high saving of heating costs
  • Environmentally-friendly combustion = boiler according to ČSN EN 303-5 Class 3 = subsidized from the "Green to Savings" program of the Czech State Fund for the Environment (SFŽP) (except for C182 and AC25S due to the possibility of coal burning)
  • Overheating protection cooling loop = no risk of boiler damage
  • Automatic boiler turn-off with a combustion gas thermostat after the fuel has burnt out completely
  • Small dimensions and modern design


In case wood, wood briquettes, or coal is used as fuel for heating, the burner should always be removed from the boiler door and the burner opening should be covered with the delivered lid equipped with heat insulation.


Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz

Maximum power input at the start with one ignition element: 522 W - normal setting

Maximum power input at the start with two ignition elements: 1042 W - special functions

Average power input at the nominal heat input operation: 42 W

Average power input at the minimum heat input operation: 22 W

Average heat input in the standby mode: 3.3 W

Prescribed fuse protection of the burner with the boiler: 6.3 A

Acoustic pressure level (noisiness): 54 dB

Burner weight: 15 kg

Burner dimensions, WxHxD: 25 x 47 x 55 cm


It is possible to add pneumatic burner cleaner


ATMOS A25 pellet burner operating manual

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